SPEAK NOW (Amateur Sleuth-San Francisco-Cont) – VG Dumas,
Margaret – 1st book
Poisoned Pen Press, 2004- Hardcover

Charley Van Leeuwen is famous to her friends as being commitment-phobic. So imagine both her, and their, surprise when she returns from London, married to Jack Fairfax, a man she's only known six weeks. When they check into their honeymoon suite at the Mark Hopkins, they are not alone due to the body of a naked woman in the bathtub. When Charley's cousin Cece is kidnapped and Jack seems to have some unexpected talents and friends, Charlie wonders how well does she know him?

The cover blurb by Donna Andrews describes the book as "a modern day Nick and Nora Charles," and I'd say she's not far off. The characters are part of the upscale, San Francisco, theatre, cocktail set, but it's the self-deprecating, first person voice that gives the story balance and humor. All of the supporting characters are wonderful, particularly Flank. It's a quick, fun read that is cozy with a bit of romance, but also an entertaining break for those of us who usually prefer something darker. I'll be looking forward to Charley and Jack's next adventure.

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