SCHOOL DAYS (Private Investigator-Massachusetts-Cont) – VG Parker, Robert – 34th in series
Putnam, 2005 – Hardcover

Wealthy Lily Ellsworth hires Spencer to uncover the innocence of her grandson, Jared. It's not going to be easy as he has confessed two being one of two boys responsible for killing seven people in a school shooting. As Spencer becomes involved in the investigation, he feels there's something missing and no one has asked why Jered might have done this.

Once again, Parker demonstrates his expertise at creating a tight, involving plot; allowing you to become part of the setting; building dimensional characters and sharp, real dialogue. It is refreshing to have Spencer on his own, without Hawk or Susan. I also found it interesting that Parker has stopped making reference to Spencer's war experience, thus making him ageless and more believable. It is the story that held me, looking for the reason behind the young man's actions, and how two young boys obtained, and learned to use, the weapons they had. There is a very good twist at draws the ends together very effectively. This is definitely one of Parker's best books.

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