EVAN BLESSED (Police Procedural-Wales-Cont) – VG Bowen, Rhys – 9th in series
St. Martin's Minatour, 2005- Hardcover)

Constable Evan Evans is approached by a young many whose girlfriend has disappeared while they were hiking on Mt. Snowdon. In searching for her, the police find an underground bunker with handcuffs affixed to the wall. Clues are sent directly to Evan, but when Bronwen disappears, it becomes personal.

Evan is a well-drawn character who has a good relationship with his superior. He follows the clues and his instincts, while realizing the impact of crime on the victim, those around them and the perpetrator. This is a very enjoyable series that has, particularly with this book, gone from being cozy to traditional mystery. The humor is there, as are the light moments, but the mystery has more focus and is more interesting. I enjoyed book, and liked the ending.

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