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I wanted to give you a heads-up about a new interactive media marketing campaign that AOL launched this morning in support of “Nancy Drew,” the new Warner Bros. film starring Emma Roberts and Rachel Leigh Cook, which hits theatres on June 15.

The overall concept revolves around “Nancy Drew and the AOL Mobile Mystery” at, a new micro-site where fans and movie-goers can go to solve a Nancy Drew mystery for a chance to win a trip for two to the Rock-n-Style event presented by Seventeen magazine during this fall’s Fashion Week in New York City.

Fans find clues to solve the mystery during each of the nine weeks of the promotion that can be found on the AOL Mobile site and via integration with its promotion partners - Alloy, Seventeen, RED, AIM, Claire's, Simon & Schuster, and Warner Bros. For each clue found, the user will receive one entry into the sweepstakes, plus an entry just for registering.

For fans who need help finding clues and solving the mystery, they can send an instant message from their Mobile AIM service (or desktop AIM) to the Nancy Drew IM “Buddy” using the screen name NancysMobile. By writing to this screen name, movie-goers can also rate the movie. Users who send an instant message to NancysMobile may receive an exclusive Nancy Drew image to save as a mobile AIM wallpaper; 5,000 lucky fans will win a Nancy Drew movie poster.

In addition to this sweepstakes, AOL is also engaging in various online and offline advertising initiatives to promote the sweepstakes, including online banner ads, the Nancy Drew movie site, Nancy Drew AIM Page and MySpace Page, in-theatre ad placements, direct emails, print advertising in Seventeen and the Alloy magazine, as well as retail promotion through bag stuffers in Claire’s retail stores and an ad running on the Geoffreytron in Times Square to build buzz around the movie and “Nancy Drew and the AOL Mobile Mystery.”

Please let me know if you would be interested in covering this new campaign.


- Erin

Erin Gifford AOL Corporate Communications
Tel: 703.265.7285
AIM: egifford01

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