DRIVE (Noir-Los Angeles-Cont) – Okay Sallis, James – Standalone
Poisoned Pen Press, 2005- Hardcover

Driver, the protagonist in this novella, does just that; he drives. Legitimately, he drives for action movies but in his off time, he drives for criminals who hire him to drive the get-away car. When a job goes bad, a contract is put out on him.

Although I am not a noir fan, I appreciated Sallis' writing skill and ability to create a tight, action-oriented scene. It skips around in time, but not so that I was lost. However, I read for character development and interaction, so this book didn't appeal to me as much. The character is intriguing; he just wasn't fleshed out enough to be truly satisfying for me. I do think the true noir lover would enjoy this book.

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