MIDNIGHT CAB (Suspense-Canada/Jamaica/Cont) – VG Nichol, James W – 1st book
Canongate U.S. – 2002- Hardcover

When Walker Devereaux was three, he was found clinging to a fence by a country road. Now that he's 19, he is determined to find out about his mother and his past. The only clue is a photograph of a woman with two teenage girls and a letter written from one of the girls to the other.

This began as a CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation) radio show, which means there are very good plot flow, dialogue and characters. Just when you think you know where the story is going, it turns on you. Toward the end, I did see the resolution, which lessened the suspense a bit. Still in all, I very much enjoyed this first book by Nichol and look forward to the next.

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