THE ONLY SUSPECT (Suspense-California-Cont) - G Jacobs, Jonnie – Standalone
Kensington, Press, 2005 – Hardcover

Dr. Sam Russell had been tried for murdering his first wife, but a single juror resulted in his not being convicted. Now, several year' later, his second wife has disappeared. Detectives Hannah Montgomery and Dallas Pryor are in charge of the investigation. While Pryor in convinced Russell has murdered his wife, Hannah believes there's more going on than apparent. As the suspense mounts, Sam and the detectives each work to find out what happened, telling the story from alternating points of view.

Ms. Jacobs is a very good writer and I've enjoyed her other books. This book has an excellent premise--the innocent man who appears guilty. Unfortunately, it's offset by stereotypical characters; the overbearing male detective, the female detective who believes the suspect in spite of the evidence because she feels an attraction to him, the in-laws who never thought he was good enough for their daughter, the underachieving brother, etc. There were twists to the plot, but I found most of them predictable. It's fast paced book that would make a great airplane book, but I think she's written better.

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