THE WITCH'S GRAVE (Amateur Sleuth-Georgia-Cont) – VG DePoy, Phillip - 2nd in series
St. Martin's
Minotaur, 2004 – Hardcover

Fever Devilin, a folklorist, has returned to his home deep in Appalachia Georgia. Truevine Deveroe, a local girl considered to be a witch, goes missing; the mortician Harding Pinhurst, one of Fever's least favorite people, turns up murdered and Truvine's fiancé, Able Carter, is the suspect. Fever, his friend, houseguest and Shakespeare scholar, Dr. Winton Andrews, and childhood friend Deputy Sheriff Skidmore Needle, need to find Truevine and Able, and Harding' killer.

It's hard to resist a protagonist who is in his 30's, is almost 7 feet tall, has snow-white hair and sees ghosts. Or a story that's filled with music, folklore, literary quotes, southern food, humor, unique characters, an excellent sense of place, suspense and twists along the way. My recommendation is, don't try to resist. Sit back and enjoy the world of Fever Devlin. I certainly did.

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