Connelly, Michael – THE LINCOLN LAWYER

THE LINCOLN LAWYER (Legal Thriller-Los Angeles-Cont) – VG
Connelly, Michael – Standalone
Little, Brown, 2005 – Hardcover

Attorney Mickey Haller does most of his work from the backseat of his Lincoln Town Car. As a defense attorney, the ideal case is a franchise case, one that will pay big. He feels he's found that with his new client, Beverly Hills realtor Louis Roulet; accused of severely beating a woman. When Haller realizes the current victim looks very similar to the victim of a case from the past, whose perpetrator is now on death row, he realizes he has a bigger challenge then winning his current case.

All the usual hallmarks of Connelly's work are here; interesting characters, excellent dialogue, strong sense of place, and a fast-moving, gripping plot. Add to that an interesting look at the defense side of the legal system and you have a very good legal thriller. I particularly enjoyed the character of Mickey; he's not as dark as some, but he believes in what he does and is growing as a person. I love an author on whose work you can rely, and Connelly certainly is that. Well done!

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