BIRD (Suspense/Paranormal-England-Cont) – G+ Adams, Jane – Standalone
Macmillan, 1997- UK Hardcover

Marcie, "Bird" to her Jack who raised her, has come to his bedside as he is expected to die. Although she loves him, she had run away from home at 16. But Jack is haunted by memories of the past; a woman hanging from a tree and the ghost of a woman with a noose around her neck. When Marcie also sees this specter and awakes from a nightmare with rope marks around her own neck, she becomes determined to uncover Jack's secrets.

The single word to describe Adams' writing is atmospheric. It's also subtle, which makes the tension all the more effective. When she writes of ghosts, you turn on lights. But the story is a mystery dealing with uncovering secrets and crimes from the past. Adams creates interesting, fully dimensional characters whom you may not like, but whose motivation you understand. The ending is surprising and memorable. I've become a huge fan of Adams work. It's not always easy to find her backlist—try well worth it.

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