DYING FOR REDEMPTION (PI/Fantasy-Cont) – G Freeburn, Chris – Standalone
Quiet Storm Publishing, 2004 – Trade Paperback

Calamer "Callous" Demar is a private investigator. He also died in 1953. His agency, located in Limbo, helps the recently murdered find out who killed them. Callous' secretary, Ann, has brought him the case of Wilow Flannery, a millionaire businesswoman, who was killed in a car accident, except that the brakes were cut. But Callous must also help his great-niece, Abby, Accept her death and find her killer.

The story alternates points of view between Callous and his grandniece, Abby. I found this very distracting as, at times, I had to check the chapter heading to know which POV was speaking. Callous 'notes' to him were amusing but not completely logical as you assume he has been a PI in Limbo since he died and would have been exposed to the changing times through this 'clients.' Still in all, it was clever and entertaining and had some interesting points about life and death. The two mysteries were well plotted with good twists. I should recommend this to those who enjoy the paranormal and want something a bit different.

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