Opinions...Do they REALLY matter?

For the life of me I simply cannot understand why the opinions of others matters so much to some people. We've all heard the line about opinions being like various parts of the human anatomy--everyone's got one and most of them smell. Maybe it's because I stopped giving a damn what other people thought of me early enough that I was left without that need for approval, but whenever I hear about two adults (kids are always forgiven for not knowing better) fighting over what amounts to a difference of opinion, it makes me sick.

It doesn't matter what the subject, we find those who couldn't care less if they tried, those who care about little else, and every notch in between those two points sufficiently covered. That is how it should be! It's when two opposing sides have to fight like dogs over a bone that the problems begin. I can't help but question as to why. Are they so insecure in their own ideas and beliefs that any difference is perceived as an attack on their personal life choices instead of seeing the opportunity to learn something from someone who is different in some way? Why not celebrate the differences?

Bring up a topic and someone will offer an opinion. It might mirror your own, it might be diametrically opposed, but if you don't listen, how will you know? I say hear them out! Listen to their entire thought. Don't judge until you've had time to digest it. Who knows? You might just learn something. Or is that the problem? It's just what I've been thinking about today. No particular reason.

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