Emerson, Ear l- Yellow Dog Party – VG 6th
Thomas Black - Very enjoyable

Ferrigno, Robert- Horse Lattitudes - Sold-Ex
in series - although a bit difficult at times

Grafton, Sue - "K" is for Killer – G Good series

Grant, Linda - Blind Trust – G 2nd
in series -Series set in the Bay Area - good

Healy, Jeremiah - Act of God – G 9th
in series - This was a bit weaker that his previous - but still a very good series

Hornsby, Wendy - Half a Mind – Ex 2nd
Roger Tajeda -Good characters

Hornsby, Wendy - No Harm – Ex 1st
Roger Tajeda - enjoyed this book a lot

Kahn, Michael A.- Grave Designs – Ex 1st
in series - Chicago/St. Louis attorney - very enjoyable read

Kijewski, Karen - Kat's Cradle – Ex 4th
in series - Good series

Muller, Marcia - Wolf in the Shadows – Ex
in series - 1994 Top Ten List - Really a step forward in her writing

Singer, Shelly - Following Jane - Sold-VG
in series - Enjoyable but light

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