So you spot a book that looks good, but you're not sure. You'd like to get someone else's opinion of the story before you invest the time reading those first 50 pages and it turns out to be a dud. Let me introduce you to the literary salon known as The Complete Review - They offer a selectively comprehensive, objectively opinionated survey of books old and new, trying to meet all your book review, preview, and information needs. They may not have reviewed every book ever printed, but they are up to 1,855 and counting.

The reviews are broken into easy categories like What's New, The Best and The Rest, and include lots of foreign books. Their review index can help you find the volume you're looking for by author or title. And there are lots of links to other book-lovers' web sites. So if you want to check out good books that someone else also thinks are good books, give The Complete Review a try. AND most of us here on Crimespace definitely want to be seen on this web site.

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