Banks, Carolyn - Groomed for Death – VG Robin
& Jeet, Texas
horsewoman and husb. in N -light and fluffy, very fun

Barr, Nevada - Track of the Cat - Sold-Okay 1st
in series - Anna Pigeon-West Texas Park Ranger - ok but slow

Beaton, M.C. - Death of a Gossip* - G 1st
in series - Scottish constable-enjoyed

Brennan, Carol - In the Dark - Ex 1st
in series - Emily Silver-actress whose parents were killed -lover killer-get more

Doss, James D. - Shaman Sings – Sold Couldn't
finish it.

Herndon, Nancy - Acid Bath – Ok 1st in series - Good but not great

Hornsby, Wendy - Telling Lies – Ex 1st
Maggie McGowen - Very good new series

Katz, Jon - Death by Station Wagon – Ex Kit Deleuw - 1st of the series

Maron, Margaret - Southern Discomfort – Ok 2nd
in series - Good style & humor (preacher/pragmatist), story not as good-built slowly

Maxwell, A.E.- Just Another Day in Paradise – Ex 1995 Top Ten List - Fiddler & Fiora - Ex- get rest - 1st in series

Perry, Anne - Sins of the Wolf – G 5th
in series - Monk & Hester - Scotland - slow progress in their relationship

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