Barr, Nevada - A Superior Death - Sold-Okay 2nd in series - Slow until the end, okay but not great

Beaton, M.C. - Death of a Cad – G 2nd in series - Enjoy

Beaton, M.C. - Death of an Outsider – G 3rd in series - Enjoyed

Berry, Carole - Letter of the Law – Sold 1st in series - Okay but nothing special

Berry, Carole - Year of the Monkey – Sold 2nd in series - Okay

Buchanan, Edna - Suitable for Framing – Ex 3rd in series - Miami
reporter, get more

Cornwell, Patricia - From Potters Field – G 6th in series - But not involving, as though you're watching
from a distance

Daheim, Mary - Alpine Christmas - Sold-Good 3rd in series - But not great, like her humor

Knight, J.D.- Zero Tolerance – Sold Corrept PI, he could have been killed after the first chapter and I wouldn't have cared, set in Oakland

Muller, Marcia - Wild and Lonely Place – Ex 15th in series - She gets better all the time

O'Connell, Carol - Mallory's Oracle – Ex 1st in series - 1995 Top Ten List - Excellent

O'Connell, Carol - Man Who Cast Two Shadows – Ex 2nd in series - 1995 Top Ten List - Liked even better
than the 1st

Quinn, Elizabeth - Murder Most Grizzley - Sold-Okay but not great

Roberts, Lora - Murder Nice Neighborhood – Ex 2nd in series - Better than a cozy, didn't guess the killer

Stabenow, Dana - Cold-Blooded Business - Ex 4th in series -She writes a good book

Waller, Robert - Border Music – NR Started out well, but lost its focus

Weir, Charlene - The Winter Widows – Ex 1st in series - SF cop in KS, husband killed

White, Gloria - Money to Burn – Ex 2nd in series - Enjoyable series

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