Crais, Robert - Sunset Express – VG 6th in series - Very good

Crais, Robert - Voodoo River VG 5th in series - Very good

Dereske, Jo - Miss Zukas and the Library Murders – G Liked it more than I expected

DuBois, Brenden - Black Tide – VG 2nd in series - A bit redundant in places, but very readable-

Lee, Wendi - Good Daughter – G Would read more, PI in Boston - very Boston

McDermid, Val - Crack Down – G A bit difficult due to British colliquisims

Neely, Barbara-Blanche on the Lam-Sold / Good Black maid - different but probably won't read more

Shoemaker, Bill-Dark Horse -G 3rd book - Not quite Dick Francis, a bit overcomplicated

Wheat, Carolyn-Dead Man's Thoughts -G 1st in series - Lawyers would like it

Wilcox, Collin-Silent Witness -Ex 2nd Alan Bernhardt book - Very good read - SF actor, playwright, director & PI

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