Abbott, Jeff - Promises of Home – G 3rd in series

Adams, Deborah - All the Crazy Winters – Ok But nothing special

Beaton, M.C. - Death of a Snob – G Always fun

Dain, Catherine - Bet Against the House – Ok Getting a bit light - may not continue

D'Amato, Barbara - Hard Women – VG Not as good as the 1st two, but I'll continue

Francome, John - Stone Cold – Sold Definitely NOT Dick Francis, over complicated plot, he can't write women

George, Anne - Murder on a Girls Night Out – Ok Story a bit weak, loved the characters

Gleiter, Jan - Lie Down with Dogs – Ex 1996 HM - Really enjoyed this - GREAT

Perry, Thomas - Vanishing Act – Sold Liked the premise and the twist, but too much narrative

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