Beaton, M.C. - Death of a Glutton – G 8th in series - Good read

Beaton, M.C. - Death of a Travelling Man – G 9th in series - Good read

Block, Barbara – TwisteR – Sold SOLD - only okay

Emerson, Earl - Million-Dollar Tattoo – G 9th Thomas Black - But not great - definitely not as good as
the previous three

Fowler, Earlene - Irish Chain - Sold-Good 2nd in series - enjoyable series, light

Francis, Dick - To The Hilt – Ex 1996 Top Ten List – 36th book - Classic Francis, always a good read

Gilpatrick, Noreen - Shadow of Doubt – Ok 2nd in series - But not nearly as good as Final Design

Healy, Jeremiah - Invasion of Privacy – Ex 11th book - Boston,
Not Parker, but very good, series keeps getting better

Jacobs, Jonnie - Murder Among Friends – VG 2nd in series - Not as good as Shadow of Doubt, but very

Jacobs, Jonnie - Shadow of Doubt – Ex 1st Keli O’Brien - Very good, story hold together well, will
read more

Kahn, Michael - Due Diligence – Ex 4th in series - Very good, a bit technical in spots but very enjoyable

Katz, Jon - Fathers' Club – G 4th in series - A good, intelligent read

King, Laurie R. - To Play the Fool – Ex 1996 Top
Ten Book
- 2nd Kate Martinelli - intelligent, well written, human

King, Laurie R. - With Child – Ex 3rd Kate Martinelli - But she seems preoccupied with the homeless - still, very good read

Lehane, Dennis - A Drink Before the War – Ex 1996 Top Ten List – 1st in
series - Boston PI, not for the timid, definitely read more

Lehane, Dennis - Darkness Take My Hand – Ex 1996 TT List -2nd in series - Very
well done but NOT for the faint of heart-serial killer

Paul, Barbara - Fare Play – G NY female homicide lieutenant, a bit inconsistent but would read more

Smith, Janet L. - A Vintage Murder – Sold Simplistically written, relies too much on coincidence

Smith, Julie - New Orleans Beat – Sold 4th Skip Langdon - Couldn't get into it at all

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