I'm one of those people who is impossible to buy for. I have to make lists for people, but often I have no idea what I want, myself. Other than writing time, and no one wants to believe that that is ALL I want. I don't quite understand - if I ask for it, I must want it, right? - but whatever.

So I asked for things for Christmas, but ended up returning them because 1) they weren't quite what I needed (yes, I'm also one of those people who only asks for necessary things) and 2) we were desperately hard up for cash. On my birthday, a tax refund had made life better, but I still didn't know what I really wanted that I felt was worth spending money on.

Rain Dog, on the other hand, is the easiest person in the world to buy for. Music, TV shows, movies, books, clothes (but no striped shirts)... so it took me all of about five minutes to pick up Season 5 of The Shield and also a $25 gift card to Bull Moose Music.

While shopping, I noticed the store had a used copy of Homicide: Life on the Street's first and second seasons. I almost picked it up - he's never seen it, only listened to me rave about what a fantastic show it was - except then it would be my present, not Rain Dog's. But I mentioned it to him after the fact, not really expecting that he would get it. And yet - he did.

So after we get through The Shield, we'll get on to Homicide. And I will be a happy lady for all the fine writing I'll get to see in action.

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