Every time I go to my own page here, I'm nagged reminded to make a blog entry. People who know me won't believe this but I struggle to think of things to put on my blog. However, I'll do my best.

For anyone who's interested, I have another blog - just personal ramblings really - over here. If you plan on visiting, now is probably the best time as I'm giving away one of my books.

As I moan a lot on my main blog, I'll have a quick moan here. I've just read Robert Barnard's Dying Flames - and enjoyed it. However, and this is a pet hate of mine, a quick read of the back cover will tell you that Christa's mother is found strangled. Fair enough. As you read the book though, there's no hint of a strangling until page 175. Page 175! (The book is 277 pages long.) Why do they have to tell you so much on the back cover? I would have been far happier if the fact that the woman was strangled came as a surprise. Anyway, moan over. But publishers take note: do not spoil the story for us!

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Comment by Kathryn Lilley on July 4, 2007 at 5:33am
Hi Shirley! I just discovered that you can import your other blog into your Crimespace page. On the lower left, there's an button. You can click it, and then enter the URL for your blog. Then, your blog will appear in the lower left. You can check out my page for an example. Best, Kathryn

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