BORDERLANDS (Police Proc-Insp. Benedict Devlin-Ireland-Cont) – VG
McGilloway, Brian – 1st in series
Macmillan New Writing, 2007, UK Hardcover – ISBN: 9780230020061

First Sentence: It was not beyond reason that Angela Cashell’s final resting place should straddle the border.

When a body is found on the border between Northern and Southern Ireland, in an area known as the Borderlands, it is the identity of the victim that places the investigation in the hands of Garda Inspector Benedict Devlin. The investigation starts out looking for the killer based on events in the present. When a second body is found, the motive for the case turns to the past and the disappearance of a prostitute twenty-five years earlier.

This may be Brian McGilloway’s first mystery, but I sincerely hope it won’t be his last. Devlin is an interesting character. He’s married with two small children and a dog and put into a realistic dilemma when faced with an old girlfriend. The story is very well plotted and definitely kept me interested all the way through. The story isn’t set in a city, but in a rural area where the loss of livestock is a serious issue. It’s a human story dealing with families and the sins of the fathers. One small note commending the publisher, it’s also a physically nice book; printed and bound in China and includes—when is the last time you saw this?—a sewn-in bookmark. I enjoyed it, recommend it and eagerly await McGilloway’s next book.

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