Jacobs, Jonnie – THE NEXT VICTIM

THE NEXT VICTIM (Unlicensed Investigator-Kali O’Brien-Tucson, AZ-Cont) – G+
Jacobs, Jonnie – 7th in series
Kensington Books, 2007, US Hardcover - ISBN:

First Sentence: The call came a little after two in the morning and pulled Erling from a particularly pleasant dream.

San Francisco attorney Kali O’Brian is away on the camping trip but, when checking messages, finds a call from her brother in Arizona, with whom she has not had contact for some time. Returning to the city, she learns her bother allegedly committed suicide after murdering a woman and her au-pair. Kali travels to Arizona to settle John’s estate and clear his name.

I’ve always liked Jacob’s Kali O’Brien so it was nice to read a new entry. I enjoyed the balance of the investigation and look at the relationship between Kali and her siblings, as she learns things about them she hadn’t known. There is an interesting conflict of the lead cop who knows he should recuse himself from the investigation because of an affair he’d had with the victim. It’s nice to see Kali taken out of her S.F. environment. Jacobs gives us a good sense of being in Tucson. The dialogue is a bit stilted, but the story definitely kept me turning the pages.

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