KING OF LIES (Suspense-Jackson Workman Pickens-North Carolina-Cont) –NR
Hart, John – 1st book
Thomas Dunne Books, 2006, US Hardcover – ISBN: 031234161X

First Sentence: I’ve heard it said that jail stinks of despair.

Jackson Workman “Work” Pickens is a defense attorney, married to a beautiful woman, living in a big house. His father, Ezra, had built a powerful legal practice and a financial fortune and disappeared. Now Ezra’s body has turned up showing he dies of two gunshots on the day he disappeared. The police suspect Work because of the money he’ll inherit and family secrets make it hard for Work to defend himself.

After all the hype this book received, I was so disappointed in it. The plot reminded me of a bad soap opera with everything dependant on assumptions, misunderstandings and greed. Although Hart’s first acknowledgement was to his wife, it doesn’t appear he likes other women very well as every female character was a bad stereotype; the tough-trying-to-prove-herself cop, the narcissistic-bitchy-greedy wife, the I’ve-always-loved-you doormat girlfriend, the I-was-so-misunderstood-depressive sister, the I-was-so-abused-I-hate-all-men-gay girlfriend. “Work” is basically two different characters; the I’ll-live-my-life-as-daddy-wants wimp and, after talking to the philosophic bum on the street, the I’m-going-to-take-control-of-my-life man. The plot was broadcast so loudly it nearly screamed and the villain was apparent from the moment they stepped into the story. I did read all of it, mainly to see whether it really was going where I thought it was—it did. I know some people have thought it was wonderful. I’m just not one of them.

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