HIDE (Suspense-Bobby Dodge-Boston-Cont) – VG
Gardner, Lisa – Standalone
Bantam, 2007, US Hardcover- ISBN: 9780553804324

First Sentence: My father explained it to me the first time when I was seven years old.

Massachusetts state police detective Bobby Dodge is called to a Boston PD crime scene. Sergeant D.D. Warren and her team are on the grounds of the closed and crumbling Boston State Mental Hospital. There has been found an underground room containing the bodies of six young girls. One thing they release to the press is the name of one of the young girl’s based on a locket they found. Since she was seven years old, Annabelle’s father has moved their family from place to place, always taking new identities but with Annabelle never knowing why. Now, with both her parents dead, Annabelle has come back to Boston, where she started. When she reads the story in the news, she realizes the locket was hers and one of the bodies was the best friend she’s given it to.

Lisa Gardner is an author who deserves much more notice than she receives. The lady knows how to write suspense with a human touch. Her characters are strong and fully dimensional, down to the members of the team; one of which as a new baby and another whose mother is dying. Her writing is atmospheric; you see the people on the train, and feel the closeness of the underground room. The story flows and builds taking the reader along on the investigation. You think you know where it’s going and who the villain is, but you’re not certain and then Gardner reveals a new element to keep you off balance. The ending does rather come at you out of no where but it always explains the reason for the family’s moves. To introduce it sooner would have completely spoiled the suspense. “Hide” was a very good, fast read.

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