THE PATIENCE OF THE SPIDER (Police Procedural-Insp. Montalbano-Sicily-Cont) – G
Camilleri, Andrea – 8th in series
Penguin, 2004, US Trade paper - ISBN: 9780143112037

First Sentence: He jolted awake, sweaty and short of breath.

Inspector Montalbano is brought back early from his recovery after being shot. A girl has been kidnapped and her family has no money to pay a ransom. Because the family’s financial situation is fairly common knowledge and the events following the kidnapping are more similar to an American film than an Italian kidnapping, Montalbano suspects there is something else going on.

As opposed to Donna Leon, whose books I love, it is interested to read Camilleri; a native Italian. Sartarelli, the translator, does a good job in translating and it’s amusing to read how he handles different dialects. I suspect because this is the 8th book, you don’t get a lot of character development and I did wish there were more. Because some of the names were similar, I had a bit of trouble remembering who was whom. Even so, Montalbano is an interesting character, a very good detective and completely cowed by his thoroughly unlikable girlfriend. There is some very good humor which would catch me off guard and make me laugh out loud. The investigation was interesting although I identified the villain fairly early on. Overall, it was good read.

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