THE LAST DAYS OF NEWGATE (Historical-England-1800s) – NR
Pepper, Andrew – 1st book
Weidenfeld & Nicolson, 2006 – UK Hardcover – ISBN 029785237X

Pyke is a Bow Street Runner called in to investigate the murder of a couple and their infant child. In doing so, Pyke find himself arrested and in Newgate Prison facing a death penalty. To clear himself he must escape and find the real killer and the far-reaching motive behind the murder.

This book barely made my 50-page rule but I did read on, unfortunately. My biggest problem was that there was, beginning to end, absolutely nothing likeable or sympathetic about the protagonist or any of the other characters. I also found it overly and graphically violent. The writing felt awkward as did the dialogue. I am fascinated by books depicting the Bow Street Runners and the early days of an organized police force, but found this book unpleasant all the way through. There are so many better books out depicting this period, I just can’t recommend this one.

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