McGarrity, Michael – NOTHING BUT TROUBLE

NOTHING BUT TROUBLE (Police Proc-New Mexico-Cont) – DNF McGarrity, Michael – 10th book
Onyx, 2005- US Paperback – 0451412281

Santa Fe Police Chief Kevin Kerney is persuaded, by a childhood friend, to take the job of technical advisor for a film. But Kevin soon finds himself involved in a murder investigation that may tie into the smuggling of illegal immigrants and organized crime.

Having read to page 120 with very little having happened except three occasions of appalling bad sentence structure (pages 1, 101 and 120) and even worse editing for the errors not having been corrected, I give up. There is one crime solved fairly early in the book that seems to have no connection with the rest of the story. Other than Kerney’s wife and his friend’s mother, other women are portrayed as troubled, vapid, and all of them sexually aggressive. The information on film making is interesting but, slightly more than one-third of the way into the story, does not seem to have much to do with the mystery. I’ve way too many more books waiting to be read to waste my time with this.

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