WHAT ANGELS FEAR (Historical-England-1811) – Ex
Harris, C.S. – 1st in series
New American Library, 2005- US Hardcover – ISBN 0451216695

Sebastian St. Cyr, Viscount Devlin, escapes arrest for the brutal murder of an actress, former prostitute, in a church. His pistol was found at the murder scene and he refuses to provide himself an alibi. Against the backdrop of King George’s decent into madness, the coming Regency of the Prince of Wales and England’s continuing war with France, Sebastian realizes his only hope is to find the true killer.

What an exciting book! St. Cyr, a classic hero with a past, is aided by a wonderful sidekick, the young street urchin Tom. The characters are fully developed, appealing and human. Harris is truly able to convey St. Cyr’s frustration and the anger and jealousy of another character. The period details are exacting and the dialogue appropriate to the characters with some of the exchanges between St. Cyr and Tom being particularly enjoyable and touching. The story is engrossing with humor, great action sequences, a bit of sex, and red herrings along the way to a dramatic climax. This is an excellent beginning and I look forward to more in the series.

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