HELL TO PAY (PI/Fantasy-Nightside-3 a.m.) – VG

Green, Simon R.- 7th in series ACE Fantasy, 2007- US Paperback – ISBN 13:9780441014606

PI John Taylor has been hired, for ten million pounds, by Jeremiah Griffith to find his missing granddaughter. Griffith is not the most powerful man in Nightside and immortal. He is said to have made a pact with the Devil and as long as his grandchildren don’t reach the age of adulthood, he, his wife and children, remain immortal. So why is he now so determined to find his missing granddaughter just days before her 18th birthday. Is he tired of immortality, or does he want to destroy?

I’m very happy to have the Angel Wars over and have John Taylor back investigating with his usual humor, strange “friends,” and array of powers. Nightside is a fascinating place to visit, but only from the safety of my sofa. Although this entry could stand on it’s own, it is a series best read in order. I find these books to be delightful escape, although they are not particularly recommended for the weak of stomach.

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