Robb, J.D. (aka Nora Roberts) – INNOCENCE IN DEATH

INNOCENCE IN DEATH (Fut. Pol. Proc-NYC-2060) - VG
Robb, J.D. (aka Nora Roberts) – 24th in series
Putnam, 2007- US Hardcover- ISBN: 9780399154010

Lt. Eve Dallas is called to investigate the murder of a popular, young teacher at a private girl’s school. While trying to uncover a motive and find a killer, she uncovers many secrets of those involved. Eve is distracted from her case when one of Roark’s old girlfriends showing up, making a play for Roark and being everything that Eve is not.

I’ll admit it, I love the character of Eve; she’s smart, tough, capable, dedicated and awkward in social situations. I love Robb’s/Robert’s writing; she creates wonderful developed characters, excellent dialogue and knows how to balance humor and emotion. I loved this book; it has one of the best mysteries of the series, offset with emotional turmoil in Eve’s personal relationship. I love that the futuristic elements are interesting but never overwhelm the story. This series is one of my guilty pleasures, and a pleasure it is.

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