SWITCHBACK (Suspense-CA-Cont) – NR Klein, Matthew – Standalone
Orion, 2006- UK Hardcover-
ISBN: 075287408X

Hedge fund manager, Timothy Van Bender, is successful, married for 20 years and has a lovely secretary. But things are now going bad. He has lost $24 million of his clients’ money and his wife calls saying goodbye before she apparently commits suicide.

Good things I can say about this book: It is set in the area where I live and work so that was fun; It does have a decent twist at the end although I predicted it early on; It is fairly short and quick to get through so I didn’t waste too much time on it.. But it also doesn’t have a single sympathetic character about whom I could care and has one of the most “you have got to be kidding” plots I’ve ever read. I strongly recommend you give this one a pass.

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