Setterfield, Diane – THE THIRTEENTH TALE

THE THIRTEENTH TALE (Suspense-England-Cont) – Ex
Setterfield, Diane – 1st book
Atria Books, 2006- US Hardcover – ISGN: 9780743298025
Unabridged audio book from; Narrated by
Bianca Amato, Jill Tanner
First Sentence: All children mythologize their birth.

Margaret Lea is a young woman working with her father in an antiquarian bookshop. She receives a request to write the biography of the famous author, Vida Winter. Although Ms. Winter has been interviewed many times, each time she gives a different story of her past. Now she has decided to tell the truth. The story draws Margaret into Ms. Winter’s life and she discovers tragic parallel in their lives.

Ms. Setterfield begins her writing career with a completely mesmerizing, although not altogether pleasant, story within a story within a story. The top story is Margaret’s narrative. It is lyrical and speaks to the heart of those of us who love books. There is the story of Angelfield which is grim and rather unpleasant. There is third story which is sad but is one of survival. I both read the book and listened to the audiobook. The book is wonderfully written; the audiobook narration adds a richness and deeper emotion to the story and left me crying with its ending. This book won’t be to everyone’s taste, probably best for those of us who love gothics. It will definitely be on my 2007 top reads list.

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