KIRKLAND REVELS (Gothic Suspense-England-1800s) – G+
Holt, Victoria – 2nd book
Fawcett Crest, 1962-US Paperback

First Sentence: I met Gabriel and Friday on the same day, and, strangely enough I lost them together; so that thereafter, I was never able to think of one without the other.

Catherine Corder marries Gabriel Rockwell more out of affection and to escape an unaffectionate father than out of real love. Shortly after returning to Gabriels home of Kirkland Revels and being introduced to Gabriel’s family, one of whom think she is a fortune hunter, Gabriel dies of apparent suicide. Cathy finds she is pregnant and she is being terrorized by a vanishing monk, things disappearing and being made to question her sanity.

It was fun to read this again after probably almost 40 years. I was amazed how much I still enjoyed it. It is a classic gothic suspense with the gutsy female protagonist, a large, brooding building, an undefined threat to her life, sanity and/or child, and a romantic interest to support her. I really enjoyed it.

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