WHEN GODS DIE (Historical Mystery-England-1811) – VG
Harris, C.S – 2nd in series
New American Library, 2006- US Hardcover – ISBN: 0451219686

First Sentence: He knew she’d come to him.

Sebastian St. Cyr, Viscount Devlin, is at the Royal Pavilion in Brighton when he, and other party goers, enter a room to find Prince George with a dead woman in his arms. The woman is Guinevere Anglessey, the very young wife of a wealthy, elderly Marquis. She has a dagger in her back, but there’s no blood, and a necklace once belonging to St. Cyr’s presumed-dead mother around her throat. St. Cyr is determined to find Guin’s killer and from wince came the necklace even though it costs him his fine wardrobe and possibly his life.

Harris has done it again. She has created a captivating story filled with historical details and events, and excellent sense of place, although she’s made the Thames much too clean and there some conversations and attitudes highly unlikely to have been realistic for the time and that make it obvious the author is a woman. But, in the light of great characters, strong relationships, an exciting plot with good action and a subtle balance of humor and emotion, I can forgive the faults. Overall, I loved the book and have added Harris to my must-read list.

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