THE WOODS (Suspense-New Jersey-Cont) – Okay
Coben, Harlan – Standalone
Dutton, 2007, US Hardcover – ISBN:

First Sentence: I see my father with that shovel.

New Jersey attorney Paul Copeland “Cope” is in midst of an important trial prosecuting two boys--one the son of a wealthy, powerful man—for raping a black prostitute. When a homicide victim brings to police to Cope’s door. Cope identifies the man as someone everyone believed had been murdered in the woods of a summer camp twenty years ago along with two other teens and Cope’s sister, whose body was never found. Where had this man been all this time? Could Cope’s sister be alive? The two cases intersect and families fight to protect their secrets.

One of Coben’s many strengths is description. He knows how to place the reader in the scene and the action. However, many aspects of the plot really stretched my plausibility rating. Although this book had lots of characters, there was little character development. I knew who the protagonist was, but never really got to know him to care about him and the motives behind his actions. It is an engrossing read and did keep me interested right up to the ending which was of a style I despise. My recommendation would be to wait for it in paperback, read it on the plane and leave it in the waiting room for the next traveler.

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