Book turned in!!! Also, visit Writers Plot -- A Blooming Good Blog

I recently joined with several fellow authors--thank God someone invited me as I was beginning to feel a little like I had leprosy--on a blog we call Writers Plot: Recent self-serving posts of mine include such titles as There is No Off-Switch on the Crying Machine and Um, Officer ... I Swear I Didn't Do Anything. It's just the fun and the sometimes sad and lonely thoughts of a way-too-sensitive writer.

My latest Yellow Rose Mystery, Pushing Up Bluebonnets has passed rewrites and is on to the copy editor. THAT was a tough one after the chronic Lyme Disease diagnosis last year and the tortuous combined antibiotic protocol I am now enduring. But I now know I can do anything if I put my mind to it. Well, maybe not eat deep fried cockroaches. I've killed enough giant cockroaches in Texas to know those babies are filled with ... okay, I'll stop there.

Visit me at my website or my blog or even at my house. Not you stalkers, just the nice guys.



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