ST. ALBANS FIRE (Police Proc-Vermont/NJ-Cont) – VG Mayor, Archer – 16th in series
Mysterious Press, 2005- Hardcover

Vermont Bureau of Investigation Agent Joe Gunthur is called out to the scene of a barn fire; an arson that became a murder with the discovery of a young man's body. As the investigation proceeds, it's discovered that this is only one of a series of recent arsons. The trail leads to New Jersey and a mob-connected "torch," but the question is; who hired him?

Mayor really knows how to write an effective police procedural. He creates strong, realistic, interesting characters, including very good female characters. The sense of place and dialogue are excellent. I particularly liked the way the story builds on itself, revealing the clues and building to an excellent ending, which surprised me, and made me think. Each year, I look forward to his new book. This year he met, and exceeded my expectations.

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