Kronenwetter, Michael – F1RST KILL

F1RST KILL (Private Investigator-Wisconsin-Cont) – VG Kronenwetter, Michael – 1st book
Thomas Dunne Books, 2005- Hardcover

Hank Berlin is divorced and caring for his young son while his ex-wife is in Paris. His childhood best friend married the girl he loved in high school. Now, the best friend is dead and the wife wants Hank to investigate his murder. The case raises difficult feelings for Hank and uncovers secrets many people would rather remain unknown.

Hank isn’t your stereotypical PI; he’s a normal guy trying to do his best with his business, son and life. Even Harry, Hank’s six-year-old son seemed realistic. The plot was interesting, took some great twists. I did not see the end coming and was reminded a bit of Lehane. The events and impact of Vietnam were effective yet didn’t overwhelm the story. This is a very enjoyable debut and I look forward to Kronenwetter’s next book.

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