CASTLE REINER (Gothic-California-1899) – Poor Kinman, Gay Toltl – 1st book
Clocktower Books, 2000- Trade Paperback

It's 1899 England, and young Lavinia "Vinney" Cathcart, must make her own way. Her minister father has died and she how has nowhere to live. She accepts the post as governess to the son of the European Baron whose father built a castle in California. But things are not as they seem; the castle has a dark history of strange activities and death.

I love a good gothic and am always looking for new ones. Unfortunately, this wasn't it. While I liked the character of "Vinney," she was oblivious to the most obvious clue that I, as the reader, pickup up almost immediately. There was very little development of the "hero," and absolutely none of the "villain." I never really felt involved and so was unaffected by what little suspense there was. The climax was too abrupt and the very end, just plain silly. Guess I'll have to re-read Victoria Holt and Mary Stuart.

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