Kilmer, Nicholas – MAN WITH A SQUIRREL

MAN WITH A SQUIRREL (Amateur Sleuth/Art Expert-Boston-Cont) – G Kilmer, Nicholas – 2nd in series
Poisoned Pen Press, 1996- Tradepaperback

An antiques dealer, Oona, sells art Expert Fred Taylor a painting which, when removed it from it’s frame, looks to be a portion of a painting by Jon Singleton Copley, a well-known 18th century artist. Days later, Fred learns that Oona is dead but has left another segment of the painting for him. Fred’s lover, librarian Molly Riley, had been stalked by a man who has turned up dead and has been asked to look into Dr. Eunice Cover-Hoover, a professor who claims to be helping people with repressed memories. These two elements appear to be tied together and it’s up to Fred to find out how.

Kilmer has a very interesting style. There is humor in his turn of phrase, but you pay attention or you might miss it. While the first book might have given me a greater history of the characters, Kilmer did fill that in as the story progressed. The dialogue is well done; the sense of place could have been stronger. I did enjoy the book; it did keep me reading and it did have an excellent climatic scene. Although it isn’t a “wow” book for me, I enjoyed it and would read another book by Kilmer.

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