SKINNER'S ROUND (Police Proc-Scotland-Cont) – G+ Jardine, Quintin – 4th in series
Headline, 1995- Paperback

A new, very elite golf course has opened in Scotland, and they are about to hold a major, international tournament. However, co-owner and millionaire has been found murdered in his bath at the club. Skinner and his team hope to keep the death quiet, but an article appears in the newspaper quoting a letter received which links the murder to a 400-year-old curse.

The supporting characters are interesting and well developed. Sense of place is well done and I even found the golf interesting. The side story was particularly effective. What put me off to the point of almost not finishing the book is the character is Skinner—he is just too perfect. He is the perfect husband, lover, marksman; he's an excellent golfer, physically strong, capable, and well respected by both his reports and his bosses. He only showed a slight in which relationship with his daughter and her boyfriend, but even that works out as you know it will. I don't necessarily need the angst of Rebus, but a character a little more human would be easier to take. And it's a same, but underneath it all is a very good police procedural. Get past Skinner and read this book, and the series, for the story.

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