THE BABY GAME (Amateur Sleuth/Lawyer- So. California-Cont) – VG Hicks, Randall – 1st in series
Wordslinger Press, 2005- Hardcover

Toby Dillon is the adoption attorney for his best friends, movie stars Brogan and Rita. The baby is born in a condo but, when taken to the hospital, is found to have a medical condition. When the doctor asks about the twin baby, Toby finds both the twin baby and the mother has disappeared. The search for the missing baby is on, resulting in murder and secrets uncovered along the way.

Hicks has written a particularly engaging character in Toby. I also appreciated his making the celebrity couple real, grounded people. There was interesting legal information which didn't bog down the story, and some good twists along the way. But it was Toby's relationship with his grandfather was particularly touching. The book is a bit mystery light, but is an entertaining first book and a series I shall definitely follow.

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