FORESTS OF THE NIGHT (Suspense-North Carolina-Cont) – NR Hall, James W. – Standalone
St. Martin's Paperbacks, 2004 - Paperback

Miami policewoman Charlotte Monroe has an extraordinary ability to read peoples faces; so much so that the FBI want her to join them. She also has a young daughter who is schizophrenic, and a husband who is a defense attorney who grew up learning Cherokee history. A boyhood affair with a Cherokee girl resulted in a son he never knew who is now on the FBI most wanted list. Charlotte, her husband and the FBI all travel to North Carolina when the son shows up and the daughter disappears,

I can make this short; it was awful. I did finish it, but I’m not certain why. There wasn't a single character about which I cared; the plot was just plain absurd and the ending silly. I kept reading to learn more about Charlotte's talent, which isn't employed in the story until the very end by which time I was no longer interested. It was incredibly bad.

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