VANISH (Thriller, New York City, Cont) – VG Gerritsen, Tess – 5th in series
Ballantine Books, 2005 – Hardcover

It's a medical examiner's worst nightmare when Dr. Maura Isles discovers a female body in her morgue is still alive. Det. Jane Rizzoli is one week overdue having her first baby. When she goes to the hospital for an exam, the last thing she expects is to be taken hostage by a woman who had pronounced dead. The hostages end up dead and the Feds take over the crime scene. The question of why is one to which Jane wants answers.

Ms. Gerritsen knows how to create a suspenseful situation. I enjoy the characters of Isles and Rizzoli and recommend reading the series in order. The beginning of this book sets up the situation and creates excellent tension as does the ending scene. But it seemed abrupt and the story less suspenseful than some of her medical thrillers. Still, it is a fast-paced and very enjoyable read. Gerritsen is a terrific author and always on my "must read" list.

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