HOMICIDE MY OWN (Police Proc-Washington-Cont) – VG Argula, Anne – 1st book
Pleasure Boat Studio, 2005- Trade Paperback

Spokane Police officers Odd Gunderson and Quinn are sent to Shalish Island, near Canada. There they are to pick up fugitive Charlie T. Houser, charged with having intimate relations with a 14-year-old girl. Once there, they find Charlie, his young girlfriend, and her mother. But they also find the Odd is strongly attracted to the pictures of two murder victims, killed over 30 years ago. Why is it Odd knows things about people he has never met?

…and now for something completely different. Quinn is a grouchy 40+ year-old woman suffering of deadly hot flashes. Odd is a 20+-year old Swede who seems to be the reincarnation of a murder victim. Quinn and Odd are saddled with Charlie, his young girlfriend Stacey and her mother Gail, while trying to solve an old murder. The result is a strange, funny, and highly unusual mystery that I thoroughly enjoyed.

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