THE BALCK JACK CONSPIRACY (Thriller-US-Cont) - NR Kent, David – 2nd in series
Pocket Books, 2005- Paperback

Department Thirty Agent Faith Kelly is given her first assignment to help a suspected criminal disappear in exchange for information. Alex Bridge, seven months pregnant, is accused of embezzling millions and murdering an FBI agent. But to Faith, the evidence incriminating Alex just doesn’t hold together. Faith is determined to find out what’s really going on and uncovers a conspiracy that reaches the Supreme Court.

I like conspiracy books as well as the next, but this was just plain absurd. The basic evidence in the case was so transparent, even a rookie cop could see through it. I’m no computer expert, but even I know when you delete an email, it’s not really gone. None of the characters were well developed, except perhaps the villain. There was suspense, but the premise was so absurd, I didn’t care. The only reason I finished it was that it was such light reading; I got through it in 2 hours. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have wasted my time.

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