Parker, T. Jefferson – THE FALLEN

THE FALLEN (Police Procedural-San Diego-Cont) – G+ Parker, T. Jefferson – 12th book
William Morrow, 2006- Hardcover

Detective Robbie Brownlaw was thrown from a 6th floor window and survived. But one result is that he now has synesthesia which causes him to see shapes that represent the emotions behind people’s words. When ethics investigator Garrett Asplundh is found murdered, it leads Brownlaw into an investigation filled with political corruption, prostitution, and personal crises.

Parker is an exceptional writer with a deft hand at creating unique, strong, ethical characters who come across as human and dealing with their flaws and situations as best they can. I don’t know that I quite liked this as well as some of Parker’s past books as I felt the synesthesia and Brownlaw’s marriage did overwhelm the story a bit. But I did like Brownlaw’s partner, McKenzie Cortez, even though her story was predictable. What wasn’t predictable was the motive behind the crime. So, for me, it was a good book, but definitely not a “wow”.

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