ICE (Police Procedural-Isola (Fict. City)-Cont) – VG McBain, Ed - 36th in series
Arbor House, 1983- Hardcover

Members of the 87th Precinct are faced with three seemingly unrelated murders but the victims—a drug dealer, a dancer in a hit show, and a diamond merchant--were all killed by the same gun. Add to plot someone who is brutally slashing their victims, a stackout to catch The Dirty Panties Bandit and Carella worrying about what to get his wife for Valentine’s Day.

McBain was the master. I don’t know of any other author who is as good at creating an ensemble cast of characters with distinctive personalities, multiple plot lines and combining them together with excellent dialogue and a very strong sense of place. Even the title is tied into the story by four meanings of the word which relate to the plot lines. If you’ve not read McBain, particularly the 87th Precinct series, I highly recommend them. While each book stands alone, I’d start at the beginning. I’ll miss having new books by this excellent author, but always be grateful for his being as prolific as he was.

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