UNHOLY TRINITY (Political Thriller-Rome-1945/Cont) – G Adam, Paul – 4th book
Little, Brown and Company, 1999 – UK Hardcover

Andy Chapman is a Rome correspondent for a London newspaper. While investigating the brutal murder of a priest, along with his friend Italian correspondent Enzo Mattei, the evidence seems to implicate the Vatican and a link back to Mussolini’s Black Shirts during WWII. He turns the evidence over to magistrate Elena Fiorini and together they work to find the priests killer, uncover secrets hidden in the Vatican, who is behind the rise of the new Fascists in Italy and the link to Elena’s own family.

Adam has given us a tense, exciting thriller. It’s fast paced but also interesting as I learned things about WWII, events in Ustashe, Yugoslavia and Ante Pavelic, leader of the Croatian Fascist movement I had not known. The history doesn’t bog down the action of the story. The relationship between Andy and Elena adds to the dimension. I did feel the ending was very abrupt and left a lot of loose threads, hence my lower rating. But it was still and enjoyable read and would make a great airplane book.

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